What is Work Placement ?

Australian Nursing and Training Services (ANTS) arranges work placements for students.

It is a practical training and assessment in real settings and accredited care facilities. Students must attend a of minimum 80 – 120hrs (dependent on course attending) of work placement after they complete the face to face and simulated training.

This is a mandatory requirement of the course. Click on the specific Course tabs for the hours for each course. Work placement is supervised and assessed by ANTS trainers and assessors, it forms part of the learning and assessment process.

Further information will be provided at time of enrolment. If you need detailed information contact us now on 02 95423340

Student Preparation for Work Placement

  • Placement will occur at the end of the face to face training delivery.
  • Before placement, students will have been assessed as ‘work ready’ and will have the ability to work on their own.
  • Work placement (if required or requested), will take place in an accredited facility that is appropriate to the student’s needs.
  • Students are placed on their own, and supervised by the facilities representative and ANTS trainers and assessors
  • The facilities can now put students into practice and develop their newly acquired skills.

Work Placement Benefits

  1. Students meet the mandatory requirement of the course they are studying
  2. It may often be the stepping stone into employment.
  3. Opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge required by industry
  4. Opportunity to build network in the industry

What is expected from students at workplace?

  1. Follow a Student Code of Conduct which can be found in student handbook and enrolment and workplace documents issued at enrolment and prior to placement.
  2. Students must not carry out duties other than those that they are capable of or have been instructed to perform in a Duty Statement.
  3. Student must work under supervision at all times.

Client Protection

ANTS has a responsibility to protect members of the public, residents and other students from harm. Students who are assessed as presenting a significant risk to themselves or others or who have committed a breach of discipline during work placement will be offered further education or may be prevented from undertaking or continuing the placement.

Workplace and employment

We cannot guarantee an employment outcome. However, our long-standing relationships with many facilities, combined with the training, will certainly go a long way towards gaining employment. We have many students who have achieved success and pride ourselves on leading them to the best possible outcomes.