NSW Government has announced the Skilling for Recovery program under the JobTrainer Fund to minimize the unemployment caused by COVID-19 as part of COVID-19 recovery plan. The main target of the plan is to focus to reskill, retrain and redeploy the workforces to industries where there are skills shortages and create more employment opportunities. The Skilling for Recovery will help you to retrain or up-skill to enhance your identifications/credentials. It fully supports if you have left school and want to enter into the workforce for the first time.

You will be eligible free training under Skilling for Recovery funding by NSW government.

If you are:  

  • aged 16-24
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen?
  • no longer at school?
  • living or working in NSW?

You will also be eligible if you: 

  • are an un-employed,
  • expect to be unemployed
  • are out of work and receiving an income support payment.

Can I enrol now?

Yes. You can contact us and we can start the process to enrol you for study commencing from 1st April 2021. We will check your eligibility criteria and get you to fill out some paperwork including a form giving us your consent to use and potentially disclose personal private information and a form declaring all the information you give us is correct and true.

Further Information

If you would like further information contact Australian Nursing and Training Services via admin@austnursing.edu.au or call (02) 9542 3340. We can advise you further on course dates, student fees, our recognition process for RPL and Credit Transfer and our Consumer Protection Policy. Our Student Handbook also contains detailed information on these policies and can be found at Student Handbook.

You can also access the Student Information section of the Smart and Skilled website at Student Information Skilling for Recovery.