ANTS introduced First Assistance in Nursing course

Late Sister Tracey Jones was a founder of Australian Nursing And Training Services and for the first time, she wrote the Assistance Nursing Course. After completing own Nursing and University training, she saw a huge need for AIN/Carer training in Australia (as there was no such training) and decided to do something about it, to raise the standard of care given to our loved ones. She insisted that it was not only unfair to the clients, but unfair and unsafe for the caring staff as well.

Prior to any AIN training being available, Registered Nurses(RNs) had a hard enough job without supervising carers that were hired unskilled. The RNs were not usually educators and therefore with no training experience, had to provide training on the job to these unskilled carers, as well as coping with their own busy job. An unfair situation for all.

It took late Sister Tracey 5 years to write the curriculum in the 1980′s. It was called an “Assistant in Nursing Certificate”. For many years this was the only recognised AIN Certificate available.

Many others have used Tracey’s initiative, and these days there are many AIN courses available nationally.

The late Sister Jones said” that doesn’t matter” as her purpose was to train the carers and raise the standard of care given nationally as well as provide jobs, which she has done for several thousands of people.