If you have patience and kindness, to explore your goals and vison this is industry that you would like to secure your career in.

What else?

    1. Jobs opportunities are more than ample

Caring sectors such as aged care, disability and health industry are always reliable in regards to building a career and having a job. It is unlikely you will lose your job despite any disaster that comes to challenge as you will be part of a workforce that is always requiring more people.

    2. Good pay and pay with additional penalty

Working in an industry such as aged care, disability, community or hospital is high paying. As these are care industries that offer work in assisting people in their everyday life or looking after them you would be working afterhours and during the weekend. You are always paid well in these industries as they require your undivided attention and care. For instance, if you were providing service afterhours or on the weekend, you would be paid with extra penalties. Who doesn’t want more pay?

   3. Flexibility

Working in care service industries ensures you have opportunity to have a well-balanced life. The flexibility that comes with working in these industries allows you to balance other aspects of your life such as your family, study and leisure time with work. As an example, you could do an afternoon shift on a particular day to study in the morning and come home from work and have a self-care night.

   4. Respected profession with many rewards

Having a career in caring service industries would enable you to connect with your clients and work community. Everyone in these industries makes a huge difference in someone’s life. That may be making someone’s morning as bright as the sun or even saving their life. Could you find the satisfaction and respectability of occupations such as a nurse or doctor or support care worker anywhere else?

   5. Make yourself a career

Working in Aged care, disability and Health, not only are you working a job and providing a service but you creating a career. You can pursue your higher studies and have access to many opportunities for high roles such as manager, supervisor or in high management level positions. You are able to make yourself an amazing, successful career in these industries.